Hello seaweeders!

We must apologise for the radio silence, but all we can say is WOW! Things have been crazy busy! As well as daily foraging for other seashore treats, we have been stocking up on everything we can in time for the summer! Some days we have been out in wetsuits, diving to get to the holdfasts at the bottom of the ocean to snip great lengths of delicious kelp and sea spaghetti.

As we mentioned previously, we always have scissors with us because we value the importance of sustainability of our delicious sea vegetables. Trimming away from the ‘root’ allows the clever plants to regenerate so we know there will be enough to keep plates stocked year round with the healthy and delicious food.

Hand harvested and sustainable

Sea spaghetti freshly hand cut

As most of Cornwall knows, Poldark has seen the county’s tourism soar, which is why the news that there are going to be a few more series to come has had us rejoicing. We can foresee seaweed sales rising as people are here in the motherland of fresh and crystal waters.

Of course, we are also excited to have launched our seaweed in Tesco supermarket! It’s led to a flurry of recipes being created to demonstrate the incredible versatility of sea spaghetti. You can read the full release below.

Also tonight we have a surprise TV appearance lined up. We’ll be sure to tweet about it so make sure you’re following us on twitter to hear about that and see the latest in seaweed fame!

As you may have heard, it was Food Revolution Day on Friday the 15ht, and our Daisy went into schools in Torpoint to teach children how identify and cook with sea spaghetti. This is part of a movement to help everyone access this delicious food, and understand where food comes from.

So, we haven’t been ignoring you, we’ve just been really busy!

Click here to download our latest press release. Seaweed PR Tesco launch FINAL

Til next time!