Blogging took a short hiatus over the festive period; primarily due to eating epic amounts of crab claws and seaweed butter, drinking rum and hanging out with the family. 2015 was heralded in with the sound of fireworks and an even distribution of our Cornish mizzle. A mix of mist and drizzle, it’s the very finest rain that seeps into your bones and helps understand some of our county’s spirit of strength and seafaring, and tides and waves: all a good recipe for seaweed foraging.

We hope you have made some resolutions that include being kind to yourself and are achievable.

Well, that said we are proud to have been featured twice on Saturday Kitchen. Once when Chef Raymond Blanc cooked a delicious chowder with our dulse and secondly this morning when wonderful Nathan Outlaw from Outlaw’s Restaurant mentioned that we supply him. We’re excited to see what the new restaurant will look like when it’s ready!

Our fresh seaweed, as featured on Saturday Kitchen

Raymond Blanc cooks with Cornish Seaweed

As we’ve said before, we supply lots of restaurants in Cornwall, and an increasing number across the country. As Masterchef came to a close, we were happy for Jamie, the spirited Scotsman who took the title, but also as before were astounded by Sven and his home grown vegetables and how his cooking was full of passion. We’ve sent him some samples and can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Bright and festive, we chose fresh, ruby coloured dulse to be our emblem in our happy holidays post for our friends, supporters and customers. It’s a red seaweed with a delicious velvety texture and slightly sweeter flavour, and is packed full of calcium and iron. Having had the opportunity to visit Launceston’s Firebrand Bar, we were really impressed with the quality of the fish dishes cooked by Chef Eddie Thomson. We also met with the ladies from Inkie’s Smokehouse BBQ who have taken some of our dulse and smoked it over various types of wood. We’re still working out how to make a good product from this, but the flavour was really good.

Magnificent dulse packed with vitamins and minerals

Harvested and dried on the Cornish coast, our seaweed is famous

As the New Year is upon us, both directors are taking a well-earned break; getting back to their roots spending time on conservation projects in Borneo (Tim) and surfing and travelling in Sri Lanka (Caro). Luckily, there are loads of seaweed lovelies looking after things here in the UK, and this wanderlust and love for the natural world are what sparked the idea for The Cornish Seaweed Company in the first place.

2015, whilst having brought with it a flurry of mists shrouding the beautiful coastline, promises to bring even more seaweed love to your homes, as our supermarket sales will be trialled later in the year. We are still excited about several different collaborations with local companies; striving to keep as much as we can within the confines of the county and use everything our beloved land has to offer.

So, that’s our latest news folks. We hope the new year brings health and happiness to each and every one of our supporters, customers and fans.

The Cornish Seaweed Company forage and process