White skies just before the impending storm are giving Cornwall the best sultry winter look!

In our last post, we mentioned having met Gareth May, a writer for Delicious and Vice magazine, which was a fun day of harvesting. His resulting article for Munchies Seaweed Foraging In England Is A Slippery Business is an entertaining read, though we’re not sure it’s quite as painful as he says! What we love about it is how he says that as he’s typing it up, he’s snacking on our seaweed in London!

Foraging and harvesting seaweed does get slippery

Gareth found Cornish shores treacherous for gathering seaweed

It’s been getting all over the country further, as we’ve sent samples to chefs far and wide whose enquiry has been ignited by the support we’ve had from the many great chefs who’ve been interested in our freshly harvested seaweeds. As trees are being put up across the country, we’ve seen some great eco ones, such as the driftwood tree. With a little starfish on top and some strands of bladderwrack we’re envisaging stunning sea themed decoration!

Gareth gives some of our news in his article; Tesco will be trialling selling fresh seaweed next year. We hope this is going to revolutionise the way people think about seaweed in our green and pleasant land! We’re big on collaborating with local businesses, as we’ve said before, and have enjoyed the samples of smoked seaweed Inkie’s have made up using some of our fresh seaweed.

Low, glowing light and a chill in the air can only mean one thing: it’s the season of the Christmas Fare, and we’ve done our best to get out to some of these places. At the weekend, we were at Fowey, which was resplendent with lights, mulled wine and noisy pirates! Here, we also saw the launch of our soothing Cornish white clay and seaweed soap, which we have collaborated with Saltash soap company Sapooni to present. We’re particularly proud of this one, as it is unisex and contains soothing shea butter to moisturise, but also volcanic pumice for exfoliation. Those folks sure know their soap.

Wonderful view, eh buoys?!

Winter sun at Fowey Christmas Market where we sold seaweed

Speaking of our skincare products, we love this review of the poultice, eye patches and bath bags which was written by a beauty blogger in Manchester. Chrissie seemed really thrilled to have felt the health benefits of seaweed and even said “That night I ate a pizza which always bloats me and gives me under eye bags but the next day I was bag free – amazing!” after using the seaweed eye patches.

Chrissie also reviewed some edible seaweeds, which can be seen on her blog. We sent a sample to Sven, who continues to be a firm favourite on Masterchef Professionals. He’s promised us a picture of whatever he manages to come up with. It’s always great to align with people who understand the true ethos of our business, which is to sustainably grow and promote this superfood.

Almost daily we are getting enquiries about further collaborations; helping us to realise the dream of getting seaweed to the UK table. 2015 will be a big year for seaweed, and we know you’ll be along for the ride!

Til next time, seaweeders!

Cornish seaweed is lab tested to ensure its only full of nutrients