So it’s nearly that time again when we hang up our wetsuits & pack away our scissors. The summer is almost over and what a great summer it’s been!


We’ve harvested 10,000kg of fresh seaweed which you’ll have seen at food events, some top restaurants across the UK and in the supermarket too.  Enjoying a Cornish summer and knowing we’re making a difference by producing a sustainable product that also has amazing health benefits has been pretty rewarding.

We’ve had some awesome days on ‘Cornish Sea Badger’ our trusty Cornish Seaweed boat. From seals swimming with us for the entire harvest, nipping our feet & splashing around us like excitable puppies to catching fresh mackerel for dinner & chucking them on the BBQ is life-is-goodalways a treat, we love it with some fresh sea spaghetti straight out of the water.

But the summer hasn’t come without it’s challenges. In early summer we were faced with massive swells & strong easterly winds which meant we all got a little sea sick when snorkeling. Bobbing around in the water we ate crystallized ginger to try & feel better knowing we still had to stay out there for 3 hours to get the fresh seaweed orders harvested.bbq

If you’d like to try some of our lovely seaweed first hand, visit our online shop here (p.s. our Cornish Seaweed Salt tastes amazing with soups – take a look here)