We have been so busy clambering down cliffs and wading through waves to harvest our rejuvenating seaweeds; that somehow we’ve realised it’s got to November. We’ve been keeping you poor lovelies in the dark; just as the sky is to us now.

Watching it bleed its inky tendrils over the oceans as we pack up for the evenings and get down to some serious collaborating, packaging and labelling, we couldn’t be happier to play our part in preserving the conservation of our beloved Cornwall.

At dusk, seaweed is quietly cleaning the sea

Seaweed absorbs nutrients day and night

From the wracks: Our latest news


OK, now unlike our harvests, this isn’t the freshest of news because we’ve been out gathering and clambering, but just to keep you up to speed: We’ve told you how proud we have been to see that the Guardian’s Sustainable Business Section picked us up, and you already know about how delighted we’ve been to be classed as a supplier by Andy Appleton, the head chef at fifteen, Cornwall. We started working with Andy some months ago now, when we were asked to serve our fresh seaweed to at an event for HRH Prince Charles and his wife. Along with some other Cornish food producers, we were selected to show what the county has to offer in terms of its provenance and did so as proudly as we did at the food events we attended during the summer months.

Oh, those su-u-u-mmer nighhhhhhhts.

Tell me more!

This week, with a little help from our friends and communication experts, Palaver Maven, we’ve also been liaising with up and coming Inkie’s Smokehouse on a small collaboration, as well as with people at Roly’s Fudge and Cornwall’s own alchemist of chocolate. Watch this space for any more news on this. Seaweed is the future, people, and it’s literally in our hands!

This means the traction of our small business is beginning to snowball. Which seems totally appropriate, given the aforementioned darkened skies and crystal clear nights. Under the mosaic of stars, we have been proud to see out own faces featured in new foodie magazines too.

The Cornish Seaweed Company are the only company harvesting in England who lab tested waters first

The Cornish Seaweed Company are featured in food magazines

Seaweed can make you whole again

However, one of the causes dearest to our hearts as an ethical business, is the Flask Food Friday we are helping out with for WAC.

Whole Again Communities are ambassadors for the Jamie Oliver food foundation and healthy sustainable living; supporting local produce suppliers and instilling community spirit in everyone they meet. This wonderful organisation provide delicious and home cooked soup to families in the West Cornwall area.

Set up by Liz Sullivan, this kind of community spirit is just one of the things we love most about Cornwall. One of their objectives is to emphasise the importance of cooking good food from scratch, and how it can impact on health and happiness, and we know that seaweed genuinely play a pivotal role in this!

We’re planning on telling you all about how we get on with our various experiments and partnerships in a regular blog spot. To make sure you don’t miss any of our news, please sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page and we’ll keep you in the delicious seaweedy loop!


Fresh seaweed is full of nutrients