Hurrah! The evenings are starting to stretch out their hands; birds tweeting later into the day, as the spring flowers, lunatic rivers and milder days can only mean one thing: foraging is afoot! Ruby red seaweed glitters at the bottom of the rocks out and about, and the forests are awash with the heady scent of wild garlic. Spring is rebirth, and hope and magic. This Friday a solar eclipse will bring a false darkness to our little peninsula: confusing the birds.

We harvest and then dry seaweed from clearwater

Ruby red and glittering, Tansy from ‘Follow the Tide’ says her kids call dulse glitter seaweed

With any luck, we’ll get double birdsong on that day. As chattering birds will go home to roost in the false night, and chirp up again as the moon rearranges the sun, til it’s sane! And the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs. Littered with lyrics today, I think the spring is singing to me!

Being nestled near the Helford, we are lucky to be surrounded by some of the most amazing mussels across the country. Fat and juicy, now is a great time for foraging these, which are one of nature’s most sustainable food sources on the planet. As well as seaweed.

Delicious combined with seaweed

Foragers’ favourite wild garlic carpets the woods

So of course, we’re happy to see our old fronds (OK, I’ll get my coat) come back out to play under the warmer spring weathers. And we’ve been getting very creative with the combination of star of the foraging stage wild garlic and dulse pesto, paneer and much more, so keep your eyes peeled for our seaweed recipes and remember to send yours in if you’ve got a great idea. We love to hear from everyone about what they’re using our freshly harvested Cornish seaweed for.

Harvested and dried on the most Southerly tip of Cornwall

Out cutting kelp on a sunnier day

We’ve been busy playing with our new granulating machine, which means there are some really wonderful new products in the pipeline. Again, you’ll have to stay tuned, but we can guarantee that as we spring into mid-March we’ll be keeping the seaweed word on the streets and seas. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be passing on what we can about #foraging and using everything nature has given us to feed your family.

With a surfing magazine compiling a feature on us and some further television exposure on the horizon, Tim and Caro have hit the ground running on both of their return from warmer climes. Tonight we’ll be on Spotlight, as part of the Chef’s Forum event; which was filmed over in Rick Stein’s new Porthleven restaurant. We’ll add some images from the day, which sees chefs from all over the county getting to grips with local produce.

We often talk about how much we love the community spirit of Cornwall, and with the passing of Andy Hocking, Falmouth’s police officer, we were proud to see this come together to thank the local community officer for everything he did for the town.

There’s going to be much more coming from the wracks in the next few months, so stay tuned for our updates and until then: oceans of love!

The Cornish Seaweed Company have been cutting seaweed for 3 years now