The Cornish Seaweed Company is founded by a renewable energy engineer and an ecologist, both only too aware of how fragile local ecosystems are, how easy it is to over-regulate/’out policy’ an industry and of the responsibility that we all share to ensure that the beautiful things are kept beautiful for the future generations to come.

At the moment the UK is importing most of its seaweed from the other side of the planet, instead of tapping into the wonderful seaweed resources we have right at our doorstep. Think ‘local products to a local market’ and you will probably understand the negative impact our current imports have on the environment and local economy.rock pool

We are working with numerous associations, organisations, groups and individuals to ensure the development of a small-scale new local industry of seaweeders continues in a way that protects small local seaweed businesses as well as the environment.

A few examples illustrating the range of those involved include; The University of Exeter – to undertake research into the impact of seaweeding on the ecosystem; Natural England – currently drawing up a suggested Code of Conduct for seaweeding in England; The Food Standards Agency – to ensure the production of seaweed as a food source is conducted in a safe and sound manner; The Crown Estate – to provide one of the first seaweed harvesting licenced areas in England…and the list goes on!

As with any new industry it all takes time to develop, network, negotiate and coordinate so please do keep checking back with us for updates!