Cornish Seaweed Company on Jamie Oliver’s Friday Night Feasts


A pretty big highlight for us last summer was having the privilege of filming with the awesome Jamie Oliver in Seatown, Dorset, for his new show Jimmy & Jamie’s Friday Night Feast. This particular episode had Jimmy and Jamie looking at a superfood that can be found right on their doorstep – seaweed – cue us! The show will be aired on Friday 26th January on Channel 4 at 8pm.

You’ll see Caro cooking on camera with the man himself, Jamie Oliver, knocking up some mouth-watering dishes including, Sea Spaghetti and Spaghetti with King Prawns.

Jamie was 100% true to the character we see on the TV and super friendly, funny and chilled throughout the long days filming. Cool guy.

Singer-songwriter Craig David also features on the show, as he rolls up his sleeves for a shift in Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty’s celebrated cafe. Jamie takes Craig back to his childhood as he teaches him a traditional Caribbean chicken dish and also makes a roasted salmon and artichoke parcel. Meanwhile, Jimmy builds a home-made dehydrator to help a teacher educate her class on nutrition and food waste.

It’s been an awesome 12 months for us, launching our new seaweed cookbook and teaming up with Cornish Sea Salt to launch new marine skincare brand Living Sea Therapy (check them out guys, seaweed is just as amazing for your outside as your inside!)

If you fancy trying some of these fab recipes get your hands on our new seaweed cookbook here.   

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