Escape to the…Cornish Seaweed Co.!

We can hardly believe we’re saying this…..but we’re on TV AGAIN! But don’t worry we’re not letting it go to our heads, the only divas in team Cornish Seaweed is the occasional seal that wants to get involved in a little Seaweed strimming.

We’ll be on Escape to the Country on Tuesday 5th June, BBC2 at 2:15pm. The series helps prospective buyers find their dream home in the country with the help of Alistair Appleton, Jules Hudson, Nicki Chapman and Jonnie Irwin. As part of the show, the team like to show prospective buyers the lifestyle of the place they could relocate to, and who better to come to for some authentic Cornish living than us?!

In typical Cornish style, when Alistair came to visit us it was raining, but hey, when you’re seaweeding you get wet anyway! Out on the boat we went for a sea spag snipping sesh, followed by a lovely bit of Seaweed Pasta on Coverack Harbour.

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