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Irish Moss, Honey & Sheeps’ Milk Yoghurt Pannacotta

Generously donated by Prannie Rhatigans  from her book Irish Seaweed Kitchen.

This recipe has been created by Paradiso, a unique and critically acclaimed vegetarian restaurant in Cork city. Opened in 1993, the cooking in Café Paradiso has evolved into a unique and personal style over the years, resulting in the publication of three celebrated and award winning cookbooks. This style has been strongly influenced by the producers of local vegetables and cheeses.

Café Paradiso was listed in the Bridgestone Guide's "100 Best Restaurants" from its first year and holds the highest ‘icon’ status in that guidebook.

Elderflower Pannacotta

A delightful, light and fragrant dessert is the perfect palate cleanser at the end of a heavy meal. Can be made totally vegan with the use of a milk substitute.