Seaweed as your friend?

This week, we’ve had journalist Gareth May reporting for Food Magazine of the Year: delicious come and visit us for a harvest. After wandering around a beach at Coverack and approaching various strangers asking if they collect seaweed, we eventually found each other, and gathered some sea greens. He’s also writing something for Vice, which may explain his tentative question of, “Do you sometimes think of the seaweed as your friend?” I suppose he had to check Caro wasn’t likely to endanger him in any way!

As well as supplying superb restaurants such as Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen and Zacry’s: up-and-coming restaurant next door; we have been supplying Porthleven chef Jude Kereama from Kota restaurant. Jude will be competing on the Great British Menu TV show. Cornwall chefs, such as Nathan Outlaw and Paul Ainsworth, who each hold Michelin stars, have competed on the show previously. We’re really excited to see what Jude comes up with, and wish him the best of luck with his competition.

those are scientific taxonomy: not just colours of seaweed

Red seaweed is combined here with brown and green seaweed