Sculptures from the sea

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Having had a look at the skies this week, we’ve been fascinated by the array of pastels and hues that would make painting them hard. Especially when the only ingredients are seaweed! Speaking of sculptures from the sea, we’ve been pleased to see Palaver Maven use a quirky exhibition space to bring literacy to life. We’re thinking about using this amazing space in Bristol to exhibit our things, so watch this space…

After the year has had health food written all over it, we have been happy to see seaweed recipes making a special appearance in food magazines and programs. With its superfood properties, seaweed is the ultimate detox food. Its job is to cleanse the body, by acting as a filter. The amazing properties of seaweed are demonstrated by the tank below.

freshly harvested, dried Cornish seaweed

Like oysters, seaweed filters the bad out of our systems

As most plants do, the best seaweed is taking a rest now for winter and absorbing what it can of the winter sun, so our harvesters are having a hiatus; waiting to collect the beautiful selection of seaweeds again when the sun’s strength helps them to grow underneath the temperate spring waters off the coast of Cornwall.