We’re turning Japanese

Hello seaweeders, are you out there?! Well, with these ferocious winds and the dense sea foam they’ve whipped up, things have been getting pretty colourful on the coast! With seaspray filling our nostrils and the rhyme of tides echoing in our ears, we bring you our latest news, straight from the wracks.

Whatever the weather, we harvest seaweed

Seaspray and wind speak of January

OK, the title of this post is a song lyric, but with pretty good reason. We’ve had a collaboration with one of our favourite chefs of the moment: Sven Hansson Britt, and he has created a wonderful Japanese ramen dish using our seaweed. This is a really special one. Using seaweed and the trimmings from either mackerel or eel, nothing gets wasted and a real depth of flavour permeates the dish.

In other news, we’ve been telling everyone about the upcoming trend of 2015 being the humble seaweed and this was added to The Independent’s list of tasty food trends for 2015. Up there with the focus on sustainability and digital food ordering (a trend that also originates in Japan), our fresh seaweed is being trialled in supermarkets later in the year, and continues to increasingly be added to chefs’ menus and home cooking.

We told you so! ;)

Seaweed named as a food trend for 2015

Another way in which we’re turning Japanese is by adding seaweed to our baths! Long practised in ancient onsen, seaweed is revered as a detoxifier: drawing out toxins and fat deposits, leaving skin smooth and cellulite free. So for an authentic #DryJanuary experience, we encourage you to add some seaweed to your bath too!

Don’t just take our word for it!

We’ve received some amazing reviews of our skincare range, most notably from cruelty-free beauty blogger Chrissie, who said,

“I deliberately didn’t add my usual essential oils to my bath or any Epsom salts. I even went hardcore and didn’t moisturise my skin afterward as I really wanted to test the results. My skin felt totally moisturised (even my leg and feet which are usually very dry) and because the muslin is a little rough it had exfoliated my skin effectively. I noticed my ankles were slightly puffy with water retention before my bath but not afterward. The little bit of cellulite that I have looked slightly smoother as if more even.” 

So there! Help reduce inflammation and moisturise with our range of skin food too.

We’re pleased to have been contacted by Jim who runs Seadog, a mobile catering truck based in Devon. They use fresh ingredients from the seas to create world food, and we first encountered them at the fabulous Bude For Food event in North Cornwall, back when the days were sunny and the waves slapped gently. They’ll be trialling some of our seaweed in recipes soon, so watch this space…