Kelp wrapped Grilled Fish with egg sauce


April 12, 2017

Generously donated by Prannie Rhatigan from her book Irish Seaweed Kitchen:

The kelp adds a subtle flavour to the fish while protecting it from over-cooking. White fish with egg and parsley white sauce is a dish my mother cooked particularly well, taking the best from the flavours of organic eggs, fresh fish, and our own milk and parsley. Also a favourite of Stefan Kraan, Manager of the Irish Seaweed Centre.


For the Fish

1 Piece thick white fish like pollock/cod/ haddock/ grouper

Long strips of kelp Add To Cart

For the white sauce

25g (1oz) flour

25g (1oz) butter

600ml (1 pint) milk

1 or 2 eggs, hard-boiled and cut into wedges

1 tablespoon parsley chopped finely

1 tablespoon mixed seaweed flakes


Blades of kelp, fresh or dried, size depends on the size of the blades, use 1 small to medium blade per 1 fish fillet. A large blade can be split to do 2 fillets

Choose a thick white fish, for example pollock, 1 portion per person.

1 If using dried kelp, rehydrate by soaking in tepid water for 10 minutes or until supple enough to bend. Remove, and dry off excess water with kitchen towel.

2 Wrap the blade or blades around the fish and grill as you normally grill. Flavours of kelp will go into the fish.

3 Open the blades and serve with a squeeze of lemon and sweet chilli dipping sauce or a parsley and hard-boiled egg white sauce.

To prepare the white sauce:

1 Melt the butter over a moderate heat in a saucepan.

2 Stir in the flour and cook for 1 minute. Add the milk gradually and whisk to eliminate lumps.

3 Cook, stirring continually until the sauce thickens. Add the remaining ingredients and stir to mix.

Serve with kelp wrapped fish and wedges of lemon

Cook’s Tip: if the blades are not burned you can eat a little of the kelp too or crumble a little of the toasted blades of kelp over the fish.