Seaweed All Rounder


Organic Sea Greens + Cornish Seaweed Thins + Cornish Seaweed Salt

The best introduction to seaweed! A combination of our Cornish Seaweed Thins, Organic Sea Greens and Cornish Seaweed Salt offers a wonderful range of seaweedy treats for someone special.

Our Cornish Seaweed Thins are lovingly hand made by a local artisan baker and are a perfect accompaniment to cheeses, dips or truly delicious on their own.

For a health and flavour kick they can swap their regular salt for our Cornish Seaweed Salt which contains a beautiful mix of colourful seaweeds and with a bag of our Organic Sea Greens and some recipe cards for fun there is no excuse for them not to get creating in the kitchen!

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Weight 239 g
Dimensions 300 × 150 × 250 mm