Seaweed for all Seasons Gift Bag

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The perfect gift for the seaweed chef in your life, or perhaps just a treat for yourself. Enjoy some of our most popular seaweed treats presented in a handy canvas bag perfect for storing your goodies away.

Contents: 1 x Sea Greens 15g,  1 x Sea Salad 30g,  1 x Sea Spaghetti 40g presented in a Red Canvas Bag

Organic Sea Greens
Sea greens are the base for the famous crispy fried seaweed. However, its uses are much more varied.
Eat raw in salads, lightly boil or steam for use as a vegetable, add to stir-fries or blend into smoothies and super juices.

Organic Sea Salad: A mix of Dulse, Sea Greens and Nori.
The perfect introduction to seaweeds. In flaked form, so very easy to use. Simply sprinkle on, or in, any dish. From fish and shellfish to mashed potato, omelets, soups, sauces, meat, sandwiches, salads and as part of your bread or pancake dough. Works great in your breakfast porridge as well!

Organic Kombu

Kombu (Kelp) is probably most well known for the unique effect it has on the taste buds, that which the Japanese call Umami.

Kombu is used to make broths and serves as a base ingredient in stocks (such as Dashi for Miso soup), soups and stews. Also makes for great crisps.

Add a strip of Kombu to dried beans or pulses during the soaking process to speed up the cooking. It helps make beans much more digestible by breaking down the enzymes that cause the gassy feeling when eating beans. It also adds a subtle smoky flavour to the beans when cooked with it. Adds great taste to cooking rice too.