The Cornish Seaweed Company

We are small team of passionate seaweeders based down on west Cornwall’s rugged coastline, free-diving for our organic seaweeds from our little boat The Cornish Sea Badger. We are licenced by The Crown Estate and work closely with Natural England to ensure we offer you the highest quality sustainably harvested seaweeds. Check out our dried dulse, kelp, sea salad, sea spaghetti and sea greens, flaked or whole leaf. Or maybe you fancy our kelp supplements or seaweed salt as a salt alternative?

There’s a seaweed for almost any dish, from soups and salads to pasta, meat or fish dishes, and they boast the most unique flavours colours and textures. They are now well known as a mega nutritious superfood with more vitamins and minerals than ANY other food. Not only are they so good for our bodies but they taste pretty delicious too.

If you enjoy the feel of the sand between your toes, wavelets slapping at your ankles, big deep breaths of the seaside and consider what you nourish your mind and body with to be important, we would like to bet that you’d find seaweed pretty good stuff!



Have a browse in our shop for more seaweed treats or if you are not quite sure where to start then why not check out our SEAWEED GUIDE to help ease you in?!


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